About Mirro

When tech entrepreneur Mira, felt that she was wasting time and money on skincare products, she had to pause and clear the clutter. Most of the products she owned were a complete mismatch.

Due to lack of genuine professional advice, or over-marketed hype, causing disappointment and much plastic waste in the process of finding what works.

She sought to find a solution not just for herself but for everyone! A solution from start to finish.

By crafting powerful AI algorithms infused with human insights, Mirro was born.

An empowering companion, to walk with you every step of the way. With full access to skincare experts' knowledge, whenever wherever.

We took it upon ourselves to help you understand your skin and its needs, to create a personalized regimen with recommended products that changes with you.

Saving you time, money, disappointments, and while at it… the world.

We’re here to give you confidence as you journey towards your dream skin with Mirro.

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